2015 Renault Captur Iconic and Excite Photo

2015 Renault Captur Iconic and Excite Photo

New Renault Captur  More and more cars back to be perceived as objects that not only meet the need for mobility, but also the desire of an object like that and so attentive to detail. Perhaps this is why more than half of Renault Captur is required in top version? Since the customer is always right, the house decided to oblige the successful relaunching of the model with two special editions: Iconic and Excite.

Renault Captur: Iconic

The special edition Iconic focuses on color detail. New color Brown Caramel for external (combined with eight other colors for the roof) recovery in some interior details, such as the frame around the navigator and the air vents, as well as the external 17 diamond. Otherwise the Captur is already known that the series on the top of the features range, the 7 tablet R-Link Evolution, parking camera and sensors, the center armrest and keyless access.

Renault Captur: Excite

In fact the preparation of Excite is a new level of equipment that aims to be appreciated by an audience dynamic and youthful. Aesthetically, it is noted by the new color Well-style Moscow, ie the roof and pillars ivory white body and red metallic. The same color that is located in the cockpit with the frames of the air vents and the navigator. The main feature that distinguishes it from Iconic are the upholstery of the seats. On the latter are leather and alcantara while the Captur Excite are completely in leather. Among the main equipment, in addition to those already listed for Iconic, stands the Extended Grip: Electronic Torque Management system to get by on slippery surfaces.

More powerful engine

The presentation of the range of these updates has brought with the introduction of the new power level for the evergreen 1.5 dCi Renault, the 110 hp. Along with the already known 90 hp, it is the only engine available for Iconic and Excite and was an opportunity to try on the roads between Verona and Vicenza. Lets start with the consumers that have revealed no major differences with the limited variant. Even with regard to the performance, there is not much difference in the guide. It is one more solution for those who want more panache even if we feel to say that the best solution is the 90 HP: useless to believe that those who choose this car will do for performance.


the capture list of price starts at 22,600 Euros for Excite 90 HP SS, while serving 1,600 euro more for the version of 110 CV and automatic EDC double clutch. in the dealerships on 24 October.

2015 Renault Captur Iconic and Excite Photo Pictures

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