2016 Infiniti Q30 Photo

2016 Infiniti Q30 Photo

New Infiniti Q30 Comes from across the Channel, it has a strong blood ties with Germany and although Japanese passport, looks primarily to the European market. It is the Infiniti Q30 establishing three firsts: it is the first compact model of the luxury brand of Nissan, the first to be built in the Old Continent and to take advantage of the entire chassis, and mechanicals borrowed from the ally Daimler. To put it in a nutshell: under the skin of the Q30 is the MFA platform of various Class A, B, CLA, and GLA, but the establishment is historical Nissan in Sunderland, UK, where the Japanese have spent 250 million pounds , hired 300 people, and trained the other 4 thousand who are dedicated also to Qashqai and Juke to prepare for this event that wants to bring Infiniti in the heart of the most important potential market for the new model.


The interior instead has maintained an imprint Mercedes, I would say too. Ergonomics, graphics, and controls are the very ones. Unique buttons for adjusting the seats on the doors and the lever of the cruise control, not to mention the key to select the response of the automatic transmission. Luckily, the lever is on the tunnel and not on the steering column as occurs on Stelline in Stuttgart. Several instead the design of the bridge, asymmetrical, the soft material and the seats are very comfortable. Even the driving position is halfway between a sedan and a crossover, with a healthy idea of power that comes from observing the ribs on the hood. Three combinations of colors and materials for the interior that charges the external forms coupe only to the boot (368 liters) while not lacking space, especially for those seated in front and another in the center can see the screen 7-inch InTouch system and with the wheel on the tunnel.

It also heads the vision system Perimeter and equipped with stereoscopic vision of the alert that warns of the presence of moving objects around the vehicle when maneuvering, in manual or automatic. Beautiful voice of the Bose sound system whose speakers also serve to clear an active noise and in the case of diesel 2.1 liters, to complete it in order to make the sound more pleasant. On the order of this category of the cars safety equipment: It checks for blind spot, lane keeping, reading the signals, and automatic switching of the dipped beam. In addition there are the adaptive cruise control, the alert for the safety distance and partial autonomous braking. All it governed by the radar which has a fineness: it is perfectly hidden behind the mark on the grid, thanks to a material transparent to the signals, a guarantee of cleanliness stylistic, but above all of safety and efficiency against transient anomalies related to dirt and water.


But where the Japanese engineers have spared you in the development of the suspension?  They tried over 50 different solutions and in the end they have selected three: one for the lighter versions, one for the most heavy, and yet another for the Sport version is lower than 15 mm and with stiffer springs of 7%. The shock absorbers and springs have anti-bounce and were passed through a sieve all calibrations electronics to give a character of its own Q30. All known thrusters. Original Franco-Japanese is only 1.5 to 109 hp offers the best fuel consumption (3.9 liters / 100 km equal to 103 g / km CO2), the Germans are 1.6 petrol from 122 hp or 156 hp and 2 liter 211 hp offers the best performance (235 km / h, 0-100 km / h in 7.2 s.) and comes standard with either the four-wheel drive transmission DCT 7-speed. The former is also available with the aforementioned 2.1-liter, 170 hp, standard with dual-clutch transmission which is required for all units. The motors are therefore the same as Class A, but since this is the flagship brand of the Renault-Nissan group, we would expect to see the 1.6 diesel 130 hp and maybe the twin turbo 160 hp, an engine really premium and made at home, which is better suited to the size of the Q30 and would give it one more card than competitors that something like that does not have it.

On the Road

On one thing, however, we can swear, the Infiniti compact has a very defined personality on the road and we like it because it is convenient, but far from boring, precise and predictable, also submits the most ground clearance on uneven but rolls right and gives always feel natural to lean with safety on all 4 wheels. In short, a machine is solid, progressive, peaceful that does not make the mistake of being tasteless not to displease anyone, in fact has the right notes to please everyone because it has the right sweetness: if he was in a cup, I would say that is an excellent mixture of coffee with one teaspoon of sugar. The petrol units are the consistency and quiet operation, the diesel 2.1 liter 350 Nm has between 1,400 and 3,400 rev/min, that is always pushing the 1.5 suffers a bit long relationships, but it is fluid and for those who buy the Q30 to enjoy it in suppleness is fine.


The Infiniti Q30 begins to look on the road since January, but it is already ordered and has a price list that starts from 24,990 euro in three productions intended for private customers (base, Premium, and Sport) and two fleets (Business and Business Executive). Nobody unbuttons objectives on specific model instead for Italy are talking about 2,800 Infiniti for 2016, ie more than the mark has collected with all the range 2008-2014.

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