New Renault Megane: the lesson of the great

New Renault Megane Road Test

No one sleeps and there is no doubt that in Renault this year have been wide awake so, after building the full range of crossover, it’s the turn of the normal cars, the Megane comes the fourth generation with a wealth of 6.6 million units (350,000 arrived in Italy) and the same mission: to fight in the C segment where cars are now the high-wheel master, but the weight of bodies classic is always very important so that the reference model is (firmly) the Golf yet, which is the best-selling car in Europe.

New Renault Megane Reviews

Therefore, if you want to count, you need to do something substantial, and we think that the Megane is at first glance. Renault is not just a latest-generation, or the meeting point size and style between the sexy back of Clio and headlights with the hook tirabaci of Talisman, but something more, that tells me one thing very clearly: in Boulogne-Bilancourt the designers have had carte blanche, have fun, and make fun continuing a research and development that has restored the lozenge again an identity that you can see and count the results on the market. New Megane, the hood is from the muscles defined, the rear lights seem to be behind a long thread that starts in the center, and sides seem to the sign in a shop window of Pigalle. It is warm and technological, strong and sophisticated, but also interesting and has under the new platform CMF.

New Renault Megane 2016

Inside, however the new Megane is only Talisman and I do see it, not only from the bridge completely digital, from the screen vertically by 8.7 inches, from head up display and button Multisense that changes color and character to the car, but also from the seats (you can also have massage function), the quality of the passenger compartment, and space more that we find inside. Outside the French is longer than 6 cm (64 mm to be precise until you get to 4,359) and returns at least 2 of those behind the knees, but it is as you enter and exit the car that today those who have a Megane will find more practical benefits. The trunk grows to 434 liters and reaches 1,270 broke down the couch 60/40, but we would have liked to find the marker lights on the doors (at least on the front), the lock of the door was secured and the parcel was not smooth : true that no one supports even more hats, but make sure that objects can not dance in the curve would not hurt.

2016 Renault Megane Photo

Small oversights that we should mention by virtue of other useful touches that are not often found on cars in this segment as the rear vents, bonnet that rises with air springs, the capless fuel filler neck, the LED reading , illuminated glove compartment, and storage compartment wheeled to put mobile phone and keys without having to throw it on the passenger seat. The overall feeling is good, therefore, that of being in a car that has made a big step forward even ergonomics. All the variant equipped with the 1.6 diesel 130 hp and now we like the visibility: we see well to the right, without having to guess what is behind the pillar. The 4-cylinder clutch a bit too deft in the release, but the big pushes. The 320 nm are at 1,750 r / min, but with the tachometer to 1300 was already sure to be quick to accelerate. The performances are (0-100 km / h in 10 s. 198 km / h) with consumption that in our ride, not to save, we saw to be around 6.5 liters / 100 km. In normal driving is going strong with very little, and sit comfortable even at high speeds and rustling noises are really reduced. The Megane says its even when cornering, especially in support, but is less effective in entry, however these are things you notice when you drive over the top. Change is good, the brakes more and I can say they were satisfied.

New Renault Megane 2016 Photo

In range there will be the 1.2 petrol 100 hp or 130 hp that will be featured in the EDC 7-speed while diesel is still the legendary 1.5 SOHC 8-valve 90 hp or 110 hp which promises a consumption 3.3 liters / 100 km equal to 87 g / km of CO2. This also will have the dual clutch transmission, but a 6-speed, as well as for the other GT will have the 1.6 twin turbo diesel 165 hp and 380 Nm and will arrive during 2016 together with the station wagon. There will be instead the 3-door coupe and discovery. Orders start in January with a price list starts at €18,650 and counts 5 trim levels: Life, Zen, Intens, Bose and GT Line that the sports version incorporates the look.

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