2017 Jaguar XF Road Test

2017 Jaguar XF Road Test

The range of the new Jaguar XF has been enhanced with a new four-wheel drive version with AWD 2.0L diesel engine Ingenium four-cylinder and 180 hp. The AWD system that debuted on the F-Type then arrives on the average sedan in the Jaguar, always with torque on demand and Intelligent Driveline Dynamics, which is the device that provides the right amount of torque to the front wheels only when needed, leaving intact the pleasure of guide and the agility of the rear-wheel drive. In addition to the combination of diesel + AWD Jaguar XF, presents from the late spring of 2016 a number of other unpublished facilities that are worth the title of Model Year 2017.

The Jaguar XF model year 2017 will have a range consists of versions, the XF Pure, XF Prestige, XF Portfolio, XF R-Sport, and XF S, while at the level of engines, you can choose between different units diesel, petrol and traction types: 2.0 diesel rear-wheel drive 163 hp, 2.0-liter diesel 180 hp rear-wheel drive or AWD, 3.0 diesel 300 hp rear-wheel drive, 3.0 petrol 340 hp rear-wheel drive or AWD, and 3.0 petrol 380 bhp rear-wheel drive or AWD. The Jaguar XF 180 hp with automatic transmission can be for the first time be equipped with Configurable Dynamics, namely the individual adjustment of steering, throttle, suspension and transmission.

Another new feature of the Jaguar XF model year 2017 is represented by the buoyancy availability with continuous damping Adaptive Dynamics variation on models with manual transmission. Vehicles equipped with infotainment InControl Touch Pro have more also Dynamic-i offering touch screen 10.2 the stopwatch functions system, accelerometer, lap charts and activation of brake and accelerator. For versions with AWD is available instead the Adaptive Response Surface technology (ADSR) that optimizes the mapping accelerator, automatic transmission and DSC system to adapt to the conditions Rain, Ice and Snow.

2017 Jaguar XF Road Test Pictures

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